Backflow prevention

What is backflow prevention?
Backflow prevention helps to protect and ensure that your potable water supply does not get contaminated or polluted by outside sources due to backflow. What backflow prevention device you need is dependant on which fluid category you are in.

What is a fluid category?
Under the water supply regulations 1999 a fluid category is the category in which fluid is rated as a risk from low to high. Category 1 being the lowest to category 5 being the highest risk.

When can backflow happen?
Backflow can happen when there is a pressure loss on the incoming flow allowing contaminants to get back into your potable water supply such as human waste, soap from dishwashers/sinks/showers, fertilisers, pesticides etc.

Legislation & Guidelines
Under the Water Industry Act 1991, property owners have a responsibility to ensure that every water system on their premises must contain adequate devices to prevent the backflow of fluid between connections of potable and non-potable water supplies.

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