Legionella remedial works

We offer a full service range covering all your remedial works needs. By upgrading servicing or modifying all assets identified in your risk assessment that may be or are at risk of legionella or any other harmful water born bacteria growth.

Why do I need to do remedial works?
By carrying out remedial works you will be reducing the risk, removing or preventing legionnaires disease and any other water born bacteria growth in your system.

Legislation & Guidelines
If your initial risk assessment has identified risk areas it is your duty to take the correct measures to comply in accordance with ACOP L8 by bringing your water system up to standard through remedial actions.

What we offer

Endoscopic calorifier & water heater inspections
This is to inspect the inside of the calorifier or water heater to identify scale, rust or sediment which can greatly increase your power usage making it not as efficient and also be a place for legionella growth.

Pipework modifications
• Tmv replacement
• Dead leg removal
• Pipework insulating
• Mains conversion
• Any and all other pipework needs

Pressure expansion vessels (PEV)
• Installation of new PEV’s
• Modifications of existing PEV’s: fitting the vessel vertically to reduce sediment build up/drain cock & isolation valve installation.
• Replacement of old existing PEV’s: replacing oversized PEV’s to reduce stagnant water which can lead to legionella build up.

Hollow support replacement
• Replacement of hollow supports inside your tank to reduce the risk of legionella build up.

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