Reduced Pressure Zone Valves (RPZ)

What is an RPZ valve?

Reduced pressure zone valves are fitted as a backflow prevention device onto your incoming mains supply. If you don’t have an RPZ valve installed a reduction in the pressure of your incoming water means possible contamination of the water supply.

How does an RPZ valve work?

RPZ valves by letting the flow in one direction and stops water flowing back through the system in a reverse direction. The RPZ valve also has a built-in relief valve that will dump water that is backflowing to stop water re-entering the supply. The zone of pressure inside the valve lets you know that the valve is working properly. If the relief valve is not dumping you know that the relief valve is working properly.

RPZ Testing

It is a legal requirement to ensure that your RPZ valve is checked on a regular basis, at least yearly to ensure the asset continues to provide the backflow prevention required. This must be carried out by a qualified and WRAS approved tester. We offer highly trained & qualified experts to carry out these works.

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