Swimming Pools

Calibration and testing of equipment:

We are able to come in and do regular testing on all your equipment to ensure complete accuracy. This includes:

– pH probes
– Photometers
– TDS probes

– Conductivity probes
– Free chlorine and pH analyser

Chemical pumps & analysers

– Installation of new chemical pumps and analysers
– Maintenance and servicing
– Replacement

Filtration vessels sand & media

– Installation of new filtration vessels
– Complete overhauls of old systems
– Supply of sand and media

Chemical supply

– Sodium hypochlorite
– Calcium hypochlorite
– Sodium bisulphate
– pH minus
– pH plus
– eucalyptus milk
– chemical heat loss barrier

Swimming pool sampling packages

Swimming pool pumps

Using leading manufacturers we offer:

– pump installation
– regular checks
– servicing
– replacement

Swimming pool risk assessments

We offer complete risk assessment packages. Understanding that the safe and consistent operation of your pool is a top priority. We undertake all our risk assessments in line with HSG 282.

Level control systems

Installation of level control systems to ensure that if the inlet valve fails it will prevent the tank from overflowing. Also acting to ensure the correct turn over in the body of water.

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