Swimming Pool Management

Swimming pool management and maintenance is crucial for ensuring the safety and longevity of a pool. A well-maintained pool not only looks better, but it also reduces the risk of accidents and illnesses and prolongs the life of the pool’s equipment and structure.

At DS Water, we can offer a range of services to keep pools compliant with British standards. These services may include regular cleaning and testing of the water, maintenance of the pool’s equipment, and repairs and renovations as needed. We can also provide advice on how to comply with relevant regulations, such as the British Standard BS EN 15288-2, which sets out guidelines for the design, construction, and operation of swimming pools.

In addition, we provide training and education for pool operators, staff, and users on how to properly maintain and use the pool, as well as how to respond in case of emergencies. We also provide regular inspection and certification services to ensure that the pool is in compliance with all relevant regulations and standards.

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