Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV’s)

TMV’s accurately control water temperatures because they greatly reduce the risk of scolding. Up to 600 people a year suffer from serious scolding injuries. The most vulnerable being children under 5, pregnant woman and the elderly people with low mobility. TMV’s have check valves in them to prevent the hot and cold water from joining. Issues with these can cause problems throughout the system.

TMV temperatures

– Shower/wash hand basin 41 degrees Celsius
– Bath 44 degrees Celsius
– Assisted bath 46 degrees Celsius
– Bidet 38 degrees Celsius

With our tmv servicing package we offer servicing and testing of tmv’s on a frequency defined by your risk assessment. We also offer backflow prevention testing. On the back of our servicing we can offer costs to rectify and issues found through remedial works.

Minor servicing

Minor servicing entails testing the fail-safe mechanism to ensure that it will shut the water off if it goes over the set temperature. Also checking the supply and operating temperatures.

Major servicing

Major serving entails taking the hot, cold and mixed temperatures. Testing the fail-safe mechanism. Also pulling apart the tmv and strainers to clean and descale. Plus descaling of associated outlets.

Backflow prevention

Testing to ensure that the backflow valves on the tmv’s are working and testing in line check valves if they are in place to prevent scolding risks.

Legislation & Guidelines

Under the HTM0401 guidelines it states that thermostatic mixing valves are required to be installed in establishments such as hospitals, care homes or anywhere where the user is deemed at a greater risk of scolding injury by hot water.

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