Water softeners

A water softener is a device that is used to remove mineral ions, primarily calcium and magnesium, from hard water. Hard water can cause a number of problems, including:

1. Scaling in pipes and appliances, which can reduce their efficiency and lifespan.

2. Soap scum buildup in bathtubs, sinks, and showerheads.

3. Difficulty lathering soap and shampoo.

4. Stiff and discolored laundry.

In hard water areas, the water contains a higher concentration of these mineral ions, making a water softener particularly important.

Regular maintenance of a water softener is important because it can extend the life of the unit and ensure that it is functioning at optimal efficiency. This includes:

– Checking the salt level in the brine tank

– Cleaning the resin bed

– Checking the backwash filter

– Checking and adjusting the water softener controls

Relevant British Standards: BS EN 688:2016- Specification for domestic water softeners.

During a water softener service, the technician will check the unit for any signs of damage or wear, and will perform necessary maintenance tasks such as:

1. Checking the salt level in the brine tank and adding salt as needed.

2. Cleaning the resin bed to remove any dirt or debris.

3. Checking the backwash filter and cleaning or replacing it as needed.

4. Checking and adjusting the water softener controls to ensure that the unit is functioning properly.

5. Checking the brine tank and safety valves for blockages

6. Checking the inlet and outlet pipes for leaks

7. Checking the operation of the water softener and adjusting the settings as necessary.

It is recommended to service the water softener at least once a year to maintain its efficiency and extend its lifespan.

it is worth noting that water softener services can be performed on a variety of different manufacturers and models of water softeners, including Clack, Fleck, Autotrol, and Siata. These manufacturers produce high-quality water softeners that are widely used in residential and commercial settings. By regularly servicing these water softeners, you can ensure that they continue to operate efficiently and effectively, which can help to extend their lifespan. Service technician should be familiar with different brands and models, and have the right equipment and knowledge to service them properly.

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