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Water Compliance

Welcome to DS Water

Staying on top of water compliance regulations can be a headache.
That’s why we have made our process as simple to understand as possible.
Saving you time and money by doing the hard work for you.

Based in Chiswick, West London we are proud to offer water hygiene
and treatment services across London, South East and the UK.
Our business ethic is to keep compliance simple.

We are investing into an efficient infrastructure to give clients maximum savings.
We are excited to offer water hygiene contracts to our clients now and can
offer fully bespoke packages to suit any needs or requirements.

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So what is it?

Taking away the stresses and confusing lingo we can get you compliant in no time.
If you are new to understanding your requirements and would like to see an easy summary
of what you need to know please check out the “So what is it?” page.

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